Youth Advisory Board

The Children’s Nature Institute is very committed to honoring the voices of children. Therefore, we have gathered a small group of committed children ages 8 to 21 who help us plan and implement programs. Our YAB members also frequently volunteer at our events providing direct environmental education to the public.


Meet our Active Members:

Avi (Avtalyon) Goldberg

Grade 6

Special interests:  clarinet, science, hula hoop dancing, and sports .I like nature and thought being on the Youth Advisory Board would be a good experience

My favorite animal is the cuttlefish because they can change color and shape. They also punch their prey with their arm tentacles.

I enjoyed helping with the gala dinner, seeing the animals, and working with the other kids.

Zoe Tobocman

School:  Culver City

Special Interest: music

Why you started helping at CNI: Because helping the environment and educating others about the environment interests me

Favorite Animal: cat

Andres Chirino-Segura

5th Grade:

Special Interests:  Nature, Science, Technology

Why you started helping at CNI:  I really wanted to help animals and I love the animals at CNI.

Favorite animal and why:  The legless lizard at CNI, Izzy.  Alligator too, because it’s like a dinosaur.

Favorite part about volunteering at CNI:  Helping the animals and other children to love animals too.