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We hope you’ll join us for CNI’s biggest fundraising event of the year! Come for an evening full of fun and nature at A World of Wonder.


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Nature-Based Professional Development

We are proud to offer nature based professional development for teachers, as well. The Children’s Nature Institute has recognized a need, and has been sought out repeatedly by partner agencies, to provide our special brand of expertise to early childhood educators who themselves desire to incorporate daily nature-based education for their students, but severely lack environmental education training. Recognizing both the benefits of using the environment itself as a teacher and in the academic, behavioral and social gains environmental education affords, CNI is trusted to fill this critical gap in knowledge within early childhood educators.

CNI recently received financial support from The Boeing Company to develop, implement and incorporate this much-needed “Nature-Based Professional Development” prong of our work. In the same way that we provide school-based direct-impact education programs to children from economically disadvantaged communities and low-performing schools, we can now deliver this same level of expertise to the educators themselves, helping them integrate nature-based learning as a daily component of classroom learning, using the environment as a third teacher. This will also allow teachers to reach children in their classes with differing learning modalities: auditory, tactile and experiential.

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To learn more about CNI’s professional development programs or request a guest speaker, call 213-746-2966 or email gro.sdik-incnull@ofni.


Events, Workshops and More

We offer any component of our Nature Discovery Program for a fee to any group – no matter how big or small. Options include a visit from our WonderMobile , with live animals and natural artifacts; a Nature Walk in an urban wilderness park (one and two hour options available); and an Urban Nature Hunt around a school or urban environment. We also conduct parent or teacher workshops, WonderMobile Mingles, and participate in public events.

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Don’t see what you want? Let us know what you’re interested in, and we’ll make it happen! For more information, contact gro.sdik-incnull@ofni. Your funds directly support nature education programs for underserved schools and communities in Los Angeles.