Our CNI WonderMobile began visiting inner-city schools in 2000 to strengthen their existing science curriculum through hands-on science activities. The WonderMobile, Part 1 of the Nature Discovery Program, is a hands-on, experiential traveling classroom that teaches children to embrace thinking like a scientist, and to discover their world…urban or wild. Our Environmental Educator brings nature to your school and provides your class with grade-level appropriate scientific concepts, which are explored through the use of live animals and natural artifacts. CNI’s program curriculum is based on the California Department of Education’s Language, Arts and Science standards.

Inside the WonderMobile students will find an array of exciting artifacts including bones, pelts, shells, minerals and feathers. They will use their sight, touch, hearing and smell to explore these amazing natural forms. Then, they will meet our incredible live reptiles, insects and amphibians and learn all about their interesting habitats, adaptations and more!